Word Summary
lemo: to or foreign
Original Word: לְמוֹ
Transliteration: lemo
Phonetic Spelling: (lem-o')
Part of Speech: Preposition
Short Definition: to or foreign
Meaning: to or foreign
Strong's Concordance
at, for, to, upon

A prol. And separable form of the prepositional prefix; to or for -- at, for, to, upon.


H3926. lemo

לְמוֺ‎ in poetry for לְ‎ (see מוֺ‎) Job 27:14; 29:21; 38:40; 40:4.

לְמוֺ‎ in poetry for לְ‎, Job 27:14; 29:21; 38:40; 40:4, like כְּמוֺ‎ for בְמוֺ כְּ,‎ for ׃בְּ‎ see מוֺ‎.

לְמוֺ‎ in poetry for לְ‎.