Word Summary
lachem: perhaps war
Original Word: לָחֶם
Transliteration: lachem
Phonetic Spelling: (law-khem')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: perhaps war
Meaning: perhaps war
Strong's Concordance

From lacham, battle -- war.

see HEBREW lacham


H3901. lachem

לָחֶםnoun [masculine] only in שְׁעָרִים לָחֶ֣ם אָזJudges 5:8 (so Masora; Manuscripts לָחֶ֣ם לָחֵ֣ם,‎), usually translated then was there war of ( = at) the gates, but improbable; text and meaning dubious; A ᵐ5L read is ὡς ἄρτον κρίθινον, whence BuRS 103 שְׂעֹרִים לֶחֶם אָזthen they used to eat barley bread; but BuComm. {abbrev}ל ׳אָזַל שׂthe barley bread was exhausted; Mayer LambertRŠJ xxx, 115 ערים לחמשׁ אזthen for (in) 5 citiesno shield was seen, etc.; other conjectures in KauAT; compare GFMon the passage