Word Summary
lachak: to lick
Original Word: לָחַךְ
Transliteration: lachak
Phonetic Spelling: (law-khak')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to lick
Meaning: to lick
Strong's Concordance
lick up

A primitive root; to lick -- lick (up).


H3897. lachak

לחַךְverb lick (Late Hebrew id.; so Aramaic לְחַךְ‎ ; Arabic ; -

Qal Infinitive construct כִּלְחֹךְNumbers 22:4 (E), followed by accusative; of ox licking up grass.

Pi`el Perfect3feminine singular לִחֵ֑כָה1 Kings 18:38; Imperfect3masculine plural יְלַחֲכוּNumbers 22:4; Micah 7:17; יְלַחֵ֑כוּPsalm 72:9; Isaiah 43:23; lick up (followed by accusative), fire from heaven the water in trench 1 Kings 18:38; of Israel consuming produce of land Numbers 22:3(E); especially ׳ל עָפָרlick the dust, sign of humiliation Micah 7:17; Psalm 72:9; Isaiah 49:23.