Word Summary
lu: if, oh that
Original Word: לוּא
Transliteration: lu
Phonetic Spelling: (loo)
Part of Speech: Conjunction
Short Definition: if, oh that
Meaning: if, would that!
Strong's Concordance
if haply, peradventure, I pray thee, though, I would, would God that

Or lu {loo}; or luw {loo}; a conditional particle; if; by implication (interj. As a wish) would that! -- if (haply), peradventure, I pray thee, though, I would, would God (that).


H3863. lu

לֻא2 Samuel 18:12 Kt (Qr לוּ‎) if: see לוּ‎.

לאב‎ (√ of following, compare Arabic (medial ) be thirsty, a stony tract of land (see WetzstReisebericht 99)).

לוּ17 and לוּא‎ ( 1 Samuel 14:30; Isaiah 48:18; 63:19), also לֻא‎ (Qr לוּ‎), 2 Samuel 18:12; 19:7 (Arabic , Aramaic , לְוַי‎, Mishna לְוַי‎, Assyrian , with optative force, Dl§§ 78 end, 93, 145; compare Köii. 333),

conjunction if, O that: —

1 if (stating a case which has not been, or is not likely to be, realized):

a. followed by perfect (so mostly), Deuteronomy 32:29 זאת ישׂכילו חכמו לוif they had been wise (which they are not), they would understand this; Micah 2:11 (apodosis וְהָיָה‎); Judges 8:19; 13:23 י ׳חפץ לו לקח לא להמיתנוif J. had desired to slay us, he would not have taken, &c.; 1 Samuel 14:30; 2 Samuel 19:7.

b. followed by imperfect Ezekiel 14:15 if I were to send, &c. (but read probably אוֺ‎, compare 14:17; 14:19).

c. followed by participle, 2 Samuel 18:12 שֹׁקֵל אָנֹכִי וְלֻא‎ and though I should be weighing 1000 pieces of silver upon my hand, I would not, &c.; Psalm 81:14-17 לי שֹׁמֵעַ עמי לוif my people were hearkening to me, . . . quickly would I bow down, &c.

d. followed by יֵשׁJob 16:4. — With the apodosis omitted, Genesis 50:15 יִשְׂטְמֵנוּ לוּif Joseph were to hate us (how should we fare then ?).

2 If only ...! i.e. O that! would that! (compare εἰ γάρ, εἴθε) usually followed by perf., as Numbers 14:2 (twice in verse) מַתְנוּ לוּif only we had died in the land of Egypt! 20:3; Joshua 7:7 וַנֵּשֶׁב הוֺאַלְנוּ וְלוּIsaiah 48:18; 63:19; followed by יֵשׁNumbers 22:29; followed by imperfect Genesis 17:18 יחיה לוO that Ishmael might live before thee! Job 6:2; followed by jussive Genesis 30:34 יהי לו כדברך‎; followed by imperative 23:13 שׁמעני לוּ אתה אם‎ if thou — O that thou wouldst hear me! (+ probably 23:5 שׁמעני לוּ ׃ לאמר‎ for שׁ ׃ לוֺ ׳לאמרֹ‎, and similarly 23:15). — Read also probably לֻא‎ for Masoretic לֹאJudges 21:22 (with עַתָּה כִּי‎), 1 Samuel 13:13; 20:14 (twice in verse); Job 9:33 (followed by יֵשׁ‎); and perhaps 14:4 (Ew Kö).