Word Summary
la or lah: not
Original Word: לָא
Transliteration: la or lah
Phonetic Spelling: (law)
Part of Speech: Adverb
Short Definition: not
Meaning: not, no
Strong's Concordance
or even, neither, none cannot, as nothing, without

(Aramaic) or lah (Aramaic) (Dan. 4:32) {law}; corresponding to lo' -- or even, neither, no(-ne, -r), ((can-))not, as nothing, without.

see HEBREW lo'


H3809. la

or lah II. לָהֵןconjunction except, but (from לָא‎ and הֵן‎ 'not if' (compare Hebrew לא אםGenesis 24:38); so Nabataean and Egyptian Aramaic להן‎ Cooke217, 219, 241 S-CPap. C 6, 7 +; lâinnî, however SocArab. Dial. see Marokko 44, Anm. 103; אִילָּהֵין ᵑ732:28; 43:3 and elsewhere); —

1 after a negative (= Biblical Hebrew אִם כִּי‎, q. v.):

a. except Daniel 2:11; 3:28; 6:6; 6:8.

b. but (German sondern) Daniel 2:30.

2 without a negative: however, but Ezra 5:12.