Word Summary
kathath: to beat, crush by beating
Original Word: כָּתַת
Transliteration: kathath
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-thath')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to beat, crush by beating
Meaning: to bruise, violently strike
Strong's Concordance
beat down, to pieces, break in pieces, crushed, destroy, discomfit, smite, stamp

A primitive root; to bruise or violently strike -- beat (down, to pieces), break in pieces, crushed, destroy, discomfit, smite, stamp.


H3807. kathath

[כָּתַת‎] verb beat, crush by beating (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic כְּתַת‎); —

Qal Perfect1singular וְכַתּוֺתִ֫יPsalm 89:24; Imperfect1singular וָאֶבֹּתDeuteronomy 9:21; Imperative masculine plural כֹּ֫תּוּ‎ Joel 4:10; Passive participle כָּתוּתIsaiah 30:14; Leviticus 22:24; —

1 beat or crush fine, of a potter's vessel Isaiah 30:14, the golden calf Deuteronomy 9:21 (+ הֵיטֵב טָחוֺן‎); a sacrificial vicitim Leviticus 22:24 (i.e. its testicles; + כָּרוּת נָתוּק מָעוּךְ‎); figurative of enemies Psalm 89:24.

2 beat, hammer (ploughshares into swords, compare Pi`el 2) Joel 4:10.

Pi`el Perfect3masculine singular כִּתַּת2 Kings 18:4; 2 Chronicles 34:7; 3 masculine plural וְכִּתְּתוּ‎ consecutive Isaiah 2:4 2t.; — as

Qal 1. beat or crush fine 2 Kings 18:4; 2 Chronicles 34:7 (of images); figurative of devastating the land Zechariah 11:6.

2 beat, hammer (swords into ploughshares, compare Qal 2) Isaiah 2:4 = Micah 4:3.

Pu`al Perfect3masculine plural וְכֻתְּתוּ2 Chronicles 15:6 and they were beaten in pieces, one nation against another.

Hiph`il Imperfect3masculine plural וַיַּכְּתוּDeuteronomy 1:44 beat in pieces an enemy, suffix וַיַּכְּתוּם וַיַּכּוּםNumbers 14:45.

Hoph`al Imperfect3masculine singular יֻכַּתשָֿׁ֑עַר וּשְׁאִיָּהIsaiah 24:12 and to ruins is the gate crushed; 3 masculine plural יֻכַּתּוּMicah 1:7 (of idol-images); figurative of warriors Jeremiah 46:5; of frail man Job 4:20.