Word Summary
ish: show one self a man
Original Word: אִישׁ
Transliteration: ish
Phonetic Spelling: (eesh)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: show one self a man
Meaning: to be a, man, act in a, manly way
Strong's Concordance
show one self a man

Denominative from 'iysh; to be a man, i.e. Act in a manly way -- show (one) self a man.

see HEBREW 'iysh


H377. ish

[אשׁשׁ‎] (compare found, establish)

Hithpo`el וְהִתְאשָׁ֑שׁוּIsaiah 46:8 (derived from above by ᵑ7‎ Jerome Hi Kn De MV, shew yourselves firm, but) read perhaps הִתְבּשָׁ֑שׁוּ‎ Lag Che, see בּוֺשׁ‎ (Thes explanation as denominative from אִישׁ‎; on other views compare Di).