Word Summary
ephoh: where?
Original Word: אֵיפֹה
Transliteration: ephoh
Phonetic Spelling: (ay-fo')
Part of Speech: adverb
Short Definition: where?
Meaning: what place?, when?, how?
Strong's Concordance
what manner, where

From 'ay and poh; what place?; also (of time) when?; or (of means) how?; --what manner, where.

see HEBREW 'ay

see HEBREW poh


H375. ephoh

אֵיפֹה‎ (from אַי‎ & מֹּהhere)

adverb 1. where? Genesis 37:16; 1 Samuel 19:22; 2 Samuel 9:4; Isaiah 49:21; Jeremiah 3:2; Job 4:7; 38:4; Ruth 2:19; in indirect sentence Jeremiah 36:19 (less common than אַיֵה‎, used of persons [contrast אֵיוֶֿה‎] and with a verb [contrast אַיֵּה‎]).

2 of what kind? (quails ?) only Judges 8:18.