Word Summary
karah: to trade, get by trade
Original Word: כָּרָה
Transliteration: karah
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-raw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to trade, get by trade
Meaning: to trade, get by trade
Strong's Concordance
buy, prepare

Usually assigned as a primitive root, but probably only a special application of karah (through the common idea of planning implied in a bargain); to purchase -- buy, prepare.

see HEBREW karah


H3739. karah

II. [כָּרָה‎] verb get by trade, trade (Late Hebrew כִּירָהact of buying, purchase (so 'in den Küstenländern,' LevyNWB ii. 323 f.); Arabic let for hire); — only

Qal Imperfect1singular suffix וָאֶכְּרֶהָHosea 3:2 (dagesh forte dirimens, si vera punctat., Ges§ 20. 2, b; but compare We); 3 masculine plural יִכְרוּ‎ Job 40:30; 2masculine plural תִּכְרוּDeuteronomy 2:6; Job 6:27; — get by trade, buy, with accusative Hosea 3:2; Deuteronomy 2:6; followed by -עַלtrade in, make trade of Job 6:27; Job 40:30.

III. [כָּרָה‎] verb give a feast (literally perhaps bring (guests), invite; compare Assyrian karû, bring, kirêtu, feast, kireti iškun, he gave a feast, Dl :HWB 352); — only

Qal Imperfect. with accusative of congnate meaning with verb, גְדוֺלָהוַיִּכְרֶה כֵּרָה לָהֶם2 Kings 6:23 and he gave a great feast for them (the context requires this sense, but text dubious, NöZMG 1886, 724, compare Klo).