Word Summary
kar: basket-saddle
Original Word: כַּר
Transliteration: kar
Phonetic Spelling: (kar)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: basket-saddle
Meaning: a ram, a, battering-ram, a meadow, a pad, camel's saddle
Strong's Concordance
captain, furniture, lamb, large pasture, ram

From karar in the sense of plumpness; a ram (as full-grown and fat), including a battering-ram (as butting); hence, a meadow (as for sheep); also a pad or camel's saddle (as puffed out) -- captain, furniture, lamb, (large) pasture, ram. See also Beyth Kar, kariy.

see HEBREW karar

see HEBREW Beyth Kar

see HEBREW kariy


H3733. kar

I. [כָּר‎] noun [masculine] basket-saddle, **for basket-saddle read < camelpalankeen; the palankeen, or tent-like erection, on the saddle (BurckhBedouins and Wahabys, 266 DoughtyArab. Des. i. 437. ii. 304 LaneModern Egyptians (5) ii. 158 and elsewhere), which seems intended here, is distinct from the basket or pannier (in which some women also traveled, PorterTravels ii. 232.). בְּכַרהַֿגָּמָלGenesis 31:34 in the camel-basket, i.e. the basket-saddle of the camel, a sort of palankeen bound upon the saddle proper (compare Kn in Di and references) II. כַּר‎ see in alphabetical order.

II. כַּרnoun masculinePsalm 65:14 pasture (√ dubious; Thes derives from כַּרlamb (=lamb-pasturage); SchwZAW x. (1890) 186 from כרה‎, and compare Assyrian kirû [which however = nursery of trees, grove DlHWB 353], Arabic cistern; HomNS 100 from כרר‎ q. v., originally = round enclosure); — singular only נִדְחָ֑בּ כַּדIsaiah 30:23 a roomy pasture; plural כָּרִיםPsalm 37:20, ׳כ הַצּאֹןלָֽבְשׁוּ‎ Psalm 65:14 the pastures are clothed with the sheep (> Schwl.c. who translates lambs 37:20 after Aq ᵑ7 ᵑ6‎ and Psalm 65:14, and understands Isaiah 30:23 of a definite plural). —

III. כַּרlamb see below כרר‎.

II. כַּרnoun [masculine] he-lamb, battering-ram (Assyrian kirru, Zim in SchwZAW x. (1890), 186; perhaps lamb from dancing, skipping, galloping in field; (battering-) ram as in English, from butting; compare Arabic ram and buttress, Lane; also battering-ram compare Dozyii. 440); — singular only Isaiah 16:1 the lamb of the ruler (as tribute); elsewhere plural כָּרִיםAmos 6:4; 1 Samuel 15:9; 2 Kings 3:4; Jeremiah 51:40 (in simile), Ezekiel 27:21; 39:18; כ ׳חֵלֶבDeuteronomy 32:14 the fat of lambs; וְעַתּוּדִים כ ׳דַּםIsaiah 34:6 the blood of lambs and goats; כָּרִים‎ = battering-rams Ezekiel 4:2; 21:27 (twice in verse) (in va Co reads שָׂרִים‎, compare AV; ᵑ0‎ RV as above). — See also כָּ֑ר בֵּית‎ p. I I I above