Word Summary
ayin: whence?
Original Word: אַיִן
Transliteration: ayin
Phonetic Spelling: (ah-yin')
Part of Speech: adverb
Short Definition: whence?
Meaning: whence?
Strong's Concordance
whence, where

Probably identical with 'ayin in the sense of query (compare 'iy); --where? (only in connection with prepositional prefix, whence) -- whence, where.

see HEBREW 'ayin

see HEBREW 'iy


H370. ayin

I. [אַ֫יִן‎] adverb (from אַי‎; Assyrian aina, ainu, Arabic where? whence?) only in the compound מֵאַ֫יִן17 whence? Genesis 29:4; 42:7 (synonym אֵימִֿזֶּה‎ e.g. 16:8; 1 Samuel 30:13) Judges 17:9; 19:17; Job 1:7 (2:2 אֵימִֿזֶּה‎); used in a rhetorical or poetic style (where אֵימִֿזֶּה‎ would be too prosaic) Numbers 11:13 בָּשָׂר לִי מֵאַיִןwhence have I flesh etc. ? 2 Kings 6:27; Jeremiah 30:7 Alas! for that day is great; כָּמוֺהוּ מֵאַיִןwhence is its like ? (see also II. אַיִן‎ near the end) Nahum 3:7; Psalm 121:1; Job 28:12, 20; in an indirect sentence Joshua 2:4 (compare אֵימִֿזֶּה1 Samuel 25:11).

I. [אַ֫יִן‎], מֵאַ֫יִןwhence? see below אַי