Word Summary
kesil: stupid fellow, dullard, fool
Original Word: כְּסִיל
Transliteration: kesil
Phonetic Spelling: (kes-eel')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: stupid fellow, dullard, fool
Meaning: stupid fellow, dullard, fool
Strong's Concordance

From kacal; properly, fat, i.e. (figuratively) stupid or silly -- fool(-ish).

see HEBREW kacal


H3684. kesil

I. כְּסִיל70 noun masculine stupid fellow, dullard, fool; — ׳כPsalm 49:11 44t.; plural כְּסִילִים94:8 25t.; — "" בער49:11; 92:7; 94:8, elsewhere only in Wisd Lt.; he hates knowledge Proverbs 1:22; delights not in understanding 18:2; it is his sport to do mischief 10:23; his heart proclaimeth אִוֶּלָת12:23; his mouth poureth it forth 15:2, and feedeth on it 15:14.