Word Summary
kesuth: a covering
Original Word: כְּסוּת
Transliteration: kesuth
Phonetic Spelling: (kes-ooth')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a covering
Meaning: a cover, a veiling
Strong's Concordance
covering, raiment, vesture

From kacah; a cover (garment); figuratively, a veiling -- covering, raiment, vesture.

see HEBREW kacah


H3682. kesuth

כְּסוּתnoun feminine covering׳כGenesis 20:16 3t.; suffix כְּסוּתְךָDeuteronomy 22:12 3t. suffixes; —

1 covering, clothing Exodus 21:10; 22:26 (Covt. code), Deuteronomy 22:12; Job 24:7; 31:19; of שַׂק‎ as clothing of heavens Isaiah 50:3 in figure

2 covering for concealment, of Abaddon, the subterranean abode of the dead Job 26:6; ׳כ עֵינַיִם‎, covering of the eyes Genesis 20:16 (so that they cannot see the wrong, figurative of a present offered in compensation for it; E).