Word Summary
kemo or kamo: like, as, when
Original Word: כְּמוֹ
Transliteration: kemo or kamo
Phonetic Spelling: (kem-o')
Part of Speech: adverb; conjunction; substantive; conjunction
Short Definition: like, as, when
Meaning: like, as, when
Strong's Concordance
according to, such as it were, well as, in comparison of, like as, to, unto, thus,

Or kamow {kaw-mo'}; a form of the prefix "k-", but used separately (compare ken); as, thus, so -- according to, (such) as (it were, well as), in comparison of, like (as, to, unto), thus, when, worth.

see HEBREW ken


H3644. kemo

or kamo כְּמוֺadverb and

conjunction like, as, when (literally the like of what (namely) . . ., a pleonastic form of כְּ‎ (see מוֺ‎), and, like it, properly a substantive: compare Aramaic כְּמָאlike Psalm 78:68 Levy, usually דְּ כְּמָאlike as; (i.e. ) like what, like, usually followed by like as; Samaritan ; Arabic Ethiopic kama, like as, Di Gr§ 63 a Sabean כמוZMG 1883, 394) — used

1 (56 t.) as an independent word (except Genesis 19:15; Nehemiah 9:11, only in poetry);

2 as an equivalent for כְּ‎ before suffixes, always before light ones, and occasionally before heavy ones (see כְּ‎ at the beginning): —

1. a. adverb, as poetic synonym of כְּ‎, like, as, Exodus 15:5 they went down כמואֿבןlike a stone (hence in prose Nehemiah 9:11), 9:8 (Psalm 78:13), Isaiah 30:22; 51:6 (see כֵּן‎), 26:17 לָלֶרֶת תַּקְרִיב חָרָח כְּמוֺ‎ (see כְּ1c (2), on the construct: so 41:25; Psalm 58:5, 8a,9), Isaiah 26:18 we have brought forth the like of, as it were, wind, Jeremiah 13:21; 15:18; 50:26; Ezekiel 16:57 (עת כמו‎ as at the time of: see כְּNote), Hosea 7:4; 8:12; 13:7; Habakkuk 3:14 (as it were), Zechariah 9:15; 10:2, 7 (as with wine: see ib.) Elsewhere chiefly in Psalms (19 t.) and Job (11 t.), as Psalm 29:6; 61:7; 63:6; 78:69; 79:5; 88:6; 90:9; Job 6:15; 10:22 (twice in verse); 12:3 אלה כמוthe like of these things, 14:9; Song of Solomon 6:10; 7:2; Lamentations 4:6 רגע כמו‎ (in prose כרגע‎). Repeated, like כְּ ֗֗֗ כְּ‎, Psalm 58:10; and answered by כֵּןIsaiah 26:17. — Psalm 58:8b יתמוללו כמו‎, as it were is against usage of כמו‎ (with a verb), and yields a lame sense: read perhaps ׳ית‎ [חָצִיר‎] כמו‎ (Lag Che); 73:15 if I said, כְמ֑וֺ אֲסַמְּרָה‎, the text is untranslateable, the rendering thus for כמו‎ being indefensible: probably הֵנָּה‎ has dropped out before the following ׃הִנֵּה‎ for הֵנָּה כְּמוֺthe like of these things, compare Job 23:14 כָּהֵנָּה‎, and 12:3 above

b. conjunction = כַּאֲשֶׁר‎: (a) of time, once, Genesis 19:15 הַשַּׁחַר עָלָה כְּמוֺwhen the dawn arose; (β) of mode, according as, Zechariah 10:8 רָבוּ כְּמוֺ וְרָבוּProverbs 23:7 (answered by כֵּן‎). — For

2 (before suffixes), see עכּ‎.