Word Summary
kiyyor: pot, basin
Original Word: כִּיּוֹר
Transliteration: kiyyor
Phonetic Spelling: (kee-yore')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: pot, basin
Meaning: pot, basin
Strong's Concordance
hearth, laver, pan, scaffold

Or kiyor {kee-yore'}; from the same as kuwr; properly, something round (as excavated or bored), i.e. A chafing-dish for coals or a caldron for cooking; hence (from similarity of form) a washbowl; also (for the same reason) a pulpit or platform -- hearth, laver, pan, scaffold.

see HEBREW kuwr


H3595. kiyyor

כִּיּוֺר כִּיֹּר,noun masculine1 Kings 7:38 pot, basin (Late Hebrew כִּיּוֺרwash-basin, so Aramaic כִּיּוֺרָא‎) — absolute כִּיֹּר7:30 8t.; כִּיּוֺר1 Samuel 2:14 5t.; construct כִּיּוֺרExodus 30:18 2t.; plural absolute כִּיֹּרוֺת1 Kings 7:40 (but see below), 2 Chronicles 4:14; כְּיֹּרֹת1 Kings 7:43; כִּיּוֺרִים2 Chronicles 4:6; construct כְּיֹּרוֺת1 Kings 7:38; —

1 pot for cooking 1 Samuel 2:14 ("" מָּרוּר קַלַּחַת, דּוּד,‎).

2 fire-pot אֵשׁ כִּיּוֺרZechariah 12:6 ("" אֵשׁ לַמִּיד‎; figurative of chiefs of Judah).

3 basin of bronze for washing, laver; set on a bronze support

a. before tabernacle Exodus 30:18, 28; 31:9; 35:16; 38:8; 39:39; 40:7, 11, 30; Leviticus 8:11 (all P).

b. 10in number, 5 at each front corner of temple 1 Kings 7:30, 38 (3 t. in verse); 7:43 2 Chronicles 4:14, 6 (1 Kings 7:40 read הַסִּירוֺת‎ as 7:45 and "" 2 Chronicles 4:11, 16, so Hebrew Manuscripts ᵑ9 ᵐ5‎ Th Ke Sta Klo and others)

4 plat form or stage of bronze (probably round, bowl-like in shape) on which, according to Chronicles, Solomon stood and kneeled 2 Chronicles 6:13.