Word Summary
kuwr: smelting pot or furnace
Original Word: כּוּר
Transliteration: kuwr
Phonetic Spelling: (koor)
Part of Speech: noun masculine
Short Definition: smelting pot or furnace
Meaning: smelting pot or furnace
Strong's Concordance

From an unused root meaning properly, to dig through; a pot or furnace (as if excavated) -- furnace. Compare kiyr.

see HEBREW kiyr


H3564. kuwr

כּוּרnoun [masculine] smelting-pot or furnace (Arabic ; Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic id., ; Ethiopic ) — pot or furnace for smelting metals, but always in metaphor or simile of human sufferings in punishment or discipline: iron (figurative of Egypt as place of bondage) ׳מִכּ הַבַּרְזֶלDeuteronomy 4:20; Jeremiah 11:4, כ ׳מִתּוֺךְ ׳הַבּ1 Kings 8:51; gold ׳כ לַזָּהָבProverbs 17:3 = 27:21 ("" מַצְרֵף‎); various metals Ezekiel 22:18, 20, 22; once עֹ֑נִי בְּכוּרIsaiah 48:10 in a smelting-pot of affliction.