Word Summary
kibshan: a kiln
Original Word: כִּבְשָׁן
Transliteration: kibshan
Phonetic Spelling: (kib-shawn')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a kiln
Meaning: a smelting furnace
Strong's Concordance

From kabash; a smelting furnace (as reducing metals) -- furnace.

see HEBREW kabash


H3536. kibshan

כִּבְשָׁןnoun masculine kiln, for lime or pottery (so Ki, AW; MishnaKel viii. 9; √ and original meaning dubious; according to Thes as subduing, reducing its contents, compare igne ferrum domatur PlinNat. Hist. 36. 27) — always absolute; only in הַכּ ׳קִיטוֺרGenesis 19:28 (J; simile of smoke of כִּכָּר‎, Sodom and Gomorrah); הַכּ ׳עֶשֶׁןExodus 19:18 (E; simile of smoke of Sinai); כ ׳מִּיחַ‎ ashes of kiln 9:8, compare 9:10 (both P).

כדד‎ (√ of following; Arabic is toil severely; fatigue, weary, harass, tread; mortar in which things are pounded, bruised; what remains in bottom of cooking-pot).