Word Summary
kebar: already
Original Word: כְּבָר
Transliteration: kebar
Phonetic Spelling: (keb-awr')
Part of Speech: Adverb
Short Definition: already
Meaning: extent of time, a great while, long ago, formerly, hitherto
Strong's Concordance
already, seeing that which, now

From kabar; properly, extent of time, i.e. A great while; hence, long ago, formerly, hitherto -- already, (seeing that which), now.

see HEBREW kabar


H3528. kebar

I. כְּבָרadverb (late) already (frequently in Mishna and Late Hebrew; כבר ᵑ7‎ (rare); Syriac usually perhaps, occas. already (Matthew 11:21; Hebrews 10:2); Mandean כבארalready, NöM. p. 202. Der. uncertain, connection with √ כבר‎ being dubious) — already, Ecclesiastes 1:10 הָיָה כְּבָר‎ it hath already been, 2:12, 16; 3:15 (twice in verse); 4:2; 6:10; 9:6-7,.