Word Summary
kabed: heavy
Original Word: כָּבֵד
Transliteration: kabed
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-bade')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: heavy
Meaning: heavy
Strong's Concordance
so great, grievous, hardened, too heavier, laden, much, slow, sore,

From kabad; heavy; figuratively in a good sense (numerous) or in a bad sense (severe, difficult, stupid) -- (so) great, grievous, hard(-ened), (too) heavy(-ier), laden, much, slow, sore, thick.

see HEBREW kabad


H3515. kabed

כָּבֵדadjective heavy; — ׳כGenesis 41:31+ 34 t.; construct כְּבַדExodus 4:10 (twice in verse); כֶּבֶדIsaiah 1:4; plural כְּבֵדִיםExodus 17:12; construct כִּבְדֵיEzekiel 3:5-6, —

1. a. heavy, a burden Psalm 38:5; hands (weary of holding up) Exodus 17:12 (E), hair of head 2 Samuel 14:26, a corpulent old man 1 Samuel 4:18; עָוֺן כֶבֶד עַםIsaiah 1:4 a people heavy with (the burden of) iniquity; a cloud charged with rain Exodus 19:16 (E); a rock of large size Isaiah 32:2; oppressive, grievous, burdensome, a yoke 1 Kings 12:4, 11 2 Chronicles 10:4, 11; a famine Genesis 12:10; 41:31; 43:1; 47:4, 13 (J); the vexation (כַּעַס‎) of a fool Proverbs 27:3; vehement, sore, of a mourning Genesis 50:11(J).

b. massive, abundant, numerous, of a people עַםNumbers 20:20 (J) 1 Kings 3:9; army חיל2 Kings 6:14; 18:14 = Isaiah 36:2 insect swarm Exodus 8:20 (J).

c. heavy, dull of speech and tongue Exodus 4:10 (twice in verse) (JE); of the לֵב‎, hard 7:14 (J).

d. hard, difficult, of a thing to be done Exodus 18:18 (E) Numbers 11:14 (J); of a language to be understood Ezekiel 3:5-6,.

2 in the usage of J מְאֹד כָּבֵד‎ is frequent:

a. very oppressive, grievous, of hail Exodus 9:18, 24; murrain 9:8; lamentation Genesis 50:10.

b. very numerous, cattle Exodus 12:38; army, מַחֲנֶהGenesis 50:9; locusts Exodus 10:14; so חַיִל1 Kings 10:2 2 Chronicles 9:1.

c. very rich, במקנהin cattle Genesis 13:2.