Word Summary
yarib: opponent, adversary
Original Word: יָרִיב
Transliteration: yarib
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-rebe')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: opponent, adversary
Meaning: he will contend, adjective, contentious, an adversary
Strong's Concordance
that contends, that strive , adversary

From riyb; literally, he will contend; properly, adjective, contentious; used as noun, an adversary -- that content(-eth), that strive.

see HEBREW riyb


H3401. yarib

I. [יָרִיב‎] noun [masculine] opponent, adversary (Ges§ 85d); — suffix (of Zion), יְדִיבֵךְIsaiah 49:26 (רִיבֵךְ ᵐ5‎ so Du); compare plural suffix יְרִיבַ֑יPsalm 35:1 ("" לֹחֲמָ֑י‎); of personal opponent, יְרִיבָ֑יJeremiah 18:19 (דִיבִי ᵐ5‎, so Gie).