Word Summary
yatsag: to set, place
Original Word: יָצַג
Transliteration: yatsag
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-tsag')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to set, place
Meaning: to place permanently
Strong's Concordance
establish, leave, make, present, put, set, stay

A primitive root; to place permanently -- establish, leave, make, present, put, set, stay.


H3322. yatsag

[יָצַג‎] verb Hiph`il set, place, a vivid and forcible synonym of שָׂם‎ (Köi. 430 Ges§ 71) —

Hiph`il Perfect suffix הִצִּיגַּ֫נִיJeremiah 51:34 Qr (Kt הציגנו‎), Job 17:6; 1singular suffix הִצַּגְתִּיוGenesis 43:9; וְהִצַּגְּתִּיהָ‎ consecutive Hosea 2:5; Imperfect וַיַּצֵּגGenesis 30:38; Judges 8:27; suffix וַיַּצִּגֵםGenesis 47:2; 2masculine singular תַּצִּיגJudges 7:5, etc.; Imperative הַצִּ֫יגוּAmos 5:15; Infinitive construct הַצֵּגDeuteronomy 28:56 (Ges§ 53, 3, R.2 Köl.c.); Participle מַצִּיגJudges 6:37; — set, place, with accusative: + ב‎ location Genesis 30:28 (J; + צאֹן לְֹנכַח‎), Judges 6:37; 8:27; 2 Samuel 6:17 ( + בְּתוֺךְ‎), with בְּתוֺךְ‎ in "" 1 Chronicles 16:1; + אֵצֶל1 Samuel 5:2; of setting foot on (לְ‎) ground Deuteronomy 28:56; Genesis 33:15 (J; followed by עִם‎) = station with thee some of my retinue; + לִפְנֵי43:9 (J); so with idea of presenting, introducing to 47:2 (J); set (so that all may see) + לְJob 17:6; followed by 2accusative ( = set as) Jeremiah 51:34; הִוָָּֽלְדָ֑הּ כְּיוֺם וְהִצַּגְתִּיהָHosea 2:5 and (lest) I set ( = exhibit) her as in the day when she was born ("" עֲרֻמָּה אַפְשִׁיטֶנָּה‎); figurative set up, establish, משׁפט בשׁער הציגרAmos 5:15 (opposed to vAmos 5:7 הניחו לארץ‎).

Hoph`al Imperfect יצָֻּ֑גExodus 10:24 (E) be stayed, stopped, detained (of herds, etc.)

יִצְחָר יִצְחָק, יִצִהָר,‎ see below צחר צהק, צהר,