Word Summary
Yimnah: "good fortune", two Israelites
Original Word: יִמְנָה
Transliteration: Yimnah
Phonetic Spelling: (yim-naw')
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine
Short Definition: "good fortune", two Israelites
Meaning: Imnah -- "good fortune", two Israelites
Strong's Concordance
Imna, Imnah, Jimnah, Jimnites

From yaman; prosperity (as betokened by the right hand); Jimnah, the name of two Israelites; also (with the article) of the posterity of one of them -- Imna, Imnah, Jimnah, Jimnites.

see HEBREW yaman


H3232. Yimnah

יִמְנָהproper name, masculine (compare perhaps Arabic good fortune, right side) —

1 a son of Asher Genesis 46:17; Numbers 26:44, also (for adjective, of a people) הַיִּמְנָה26:44 +?the Yimnites 1 Chronicles 7:30.

2 a Levite2 Chronicles 31:14.