Word Summary
yemini: on the right hand
Original Word: יְמִינִי
Transliteration: yemini
Phonetic Spelling: (yem-ee-nee')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: on the right hand
Meaning: on the right hand
Strong's Concordance
on the right hand

For yamiyn; right -- (on the) right (hand).

see HEBREW yamiyn


H3227. yemini

I. יְמִינִיadjective Kt right hand, on the right: יָכִין הימיגי שֵׁם2 Chronicles 3:17 the name of the one on the right was Yakin; הימיני צִדְּךָEzekiel 4:6 thy right side (Qr in both הַיְמָנִי‎, see below)