Word Summary
yacheph: barefoot
Original Word: יָחֵף
Transliteration: yacheph
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-khafe')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: barefoot
Meaning: unsandalled
Strong's Concordance
barefoot, being unshod

From an unused root meaning to take off the shoes; unsandalled -- barefoot, being unshod.


H3182. yacheph

יָחֵףadjective barefoot, always absolute יָחֵףIsaiah 20:2 4t.; — וְיָחֵף עָרוֺם הלך20:2 (מֵעַל תַחֲלֹץ נַעַלְךָ רַגְּלֶ֑ךָ‎ in preceding clause), 20:3; יָחֵף הֹלֵךְ2 Samuel 15:30; יָחֵף נָהַגIsaiah 20:3; apparently = substantive, מִיָּחֵף רַגְלֵךְ מִנְעִיJeremiah 2:25 withhold thy foot from bareness (Syriac discalceatio).

יַחְצְאֵלִי יַחֲצִיאֵל, יַחְצְאֵל,‎ see below חצה‎.