Word Summary
yachid: only, only one, solitary
Original Word: יָחִיד
Transliteration: yachid
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-kheed')
Part of Speech: Adjective; substantive
Short Definition: only, only one, solitary
Meaning: united, sole, beloved, lonely, the life
Strong's Concordance
darling, desolate, only child, son, solitary

From yachad; properly, united, i.e. Sole; by implication, beloved; also lonely; (feminine) the life (as not to be replaced) -- darling, desolate, only (child, son), solitary.

see HEBREW yachad


H3173. yachid

יָחִידadjective and substantive only, only one, solitary (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic יְחִידַי יָחִיד,‎, , , id.; Arabic solitary) —

1 only one, especially of an only son, Genesis 22:2, 12, 16 יְחִידְךָ את בנך את‎ thy son, thine only one, יָחִיד אֵבֶלAmos 8:10; Jeremiah 6:26 mourning for an only son, היחיד על כמספדZechariah 12:10; Proverbs 4:3 אמי לפני וְיָחִיד רַךְ‎; so feminine יְחִידָהJudges 11:34.

2 feminine יְחִידָה‎ as substantive Psalm 22:21; 35:17 יְחִידָתִי‎ my only one, poetic for my life, as the one unique and priceless possession which can never be replaced (in each "" נַפְשִׁי‎).

3 solitary, Psalm 25:16 אני ועני יחיד כי‎; 68:7 בַּיְתָה יְחִידִים מוֺשִׁיב‎ causing solitary, isolated ones (i.e. friendless wanderers or exiles; "" אֲסִירִים‎) to dwell at home (Lag Ch and others מֵשִׁיבbringing back home).