Word Summary
yonah: dove
Original Word: יוֹנָה
Transliteration: yonah
Phonetic Spelling: (yo-naw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: dove
Meaning: a dove
Strong's Concordance
dove, pigeon

Probably from the same as yayin; a dove (apparently from the warmth of their mating) -- dove, pigeon.

see HEBREW yayin


H3123. yonah

I. יוֺנָהnoun feminine dove (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic id., ) — absolute יוֺנָהGenesis 8:8 20t.; construct יוֺנֵתPsalm 56:1; suffix יוֺנָתִיSong of Solomon 2:14 2t.; plural יוֺנִיםNahum 2:8 6t.; construct יוֺנֵיEzekiel 7:16 (see below); — dove Genesis 8:8-9, 10, 11, 12 (all J); often of offerings, בֶּןיֿוֺנָהLeviticus 12:6 (P; an individual of the species; "" תֹּר‎); (ה)יוֺנִים בְּנֵי‎ "" תֹּרִיםׅ1:14; 5:7, 11; 12:8; 14:22, 30; 15:14, 29; Numbers 6:10 (all P); יוֺנִים חֲרִיdove's dung 2 Kings 6:25 (Kt, yet see GeiUrschrift 409); in various similes: Ephraim is מּוֺתָה כְּיוֺנָהlike a silly dove Hosea 7:11 (allowing itself to be snared); simile of return of exiles, like eager flight of doves 11:11, of ships with white outspread sails Isaiah 60:8; כַּיּוֺנָה אֵבֶרPsalm 55:7; see also יוֺנָה כַּנְפֵי68:14; simile of fugitive Moab Jeremiah 48:28; also הַגֵּאָיוֺת כְּיוֺנֵיEzekiel 7:16 like the doves of the valleys (but on text see Co, who emends הוֺגִיּוֺת כיונים‎, but regards phrase as gloss): simile of mourning יוֺנִים כְּקוֺלNahum 2:8; without כיונים הגה קוֺל,Isaiah 38:14; 59:11 (from mournful note); figurative of beauty (only Canticles): יוֺנִים עֵינַיִךְthine eyes are (those of) doves Song of Solomon 1:15; 4:1, see also 4:12; term of endearment, יוֺנָתִיmy dove 2:14; 5:2; 6:9. Elsewhere only Psalm 56:1 (title) רְחֹקִים אֵלֶם יוֺנַת (עַל)‎ probably name of melody: To 'the dove of distant terebinths' (read אֵלִים‎ for אֵלֶם‎; see אֵלֶם‎ above, and BaePsalms, p. xvii). — On sanctity of dove among Shemites, see RSSemitic i. 202, 275.