Word Summary
achar: to remain behind, tarry
Original Word: אָחַר
Transliteration: achar
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-khar')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to remain behind, tarry
Meaning: to loiter, to procrastinate
Strong's Concordance
continue, defer, delay, hinder, be late slack, stay there, tarry longer

A primitive root; to loiter (i.e. Be behind); by implication to procrastinate -- continue, defer, delay, hinder, be late (slack), stay (there), tarry (longer).


H309. achar

אָחַרverb to remain behind, delay, tarry (Arabic to put off, also to remain behind; Aramaic Pa`el אֵחַר‎, Aph`el , Shaph`el , Sabean אחֿר‎ OsianderZMG 1865, 197; אחֿחֿר‎ DHMEpigr. Denkm. 34).

Qal once only Genesis 32:5 וָאֵחַר‎ (contracted from וָאֶאֱחַר‎ compare אֵהָ֑בProverbs 8:17) and I have tarried until now.

Pi`el Perfect אֵחַרGenesis 34:19; אֶחֱרוּJudges 5:28; Imperfect תְּאַחֵר יְאַחֵר,‎ (3 t. תְּאַחַ֑ר‎) etc. Genesis 24:56 9t.; Participle (רֵֿי‎) מְאַהֲרִים‎3t.

1 intensive, delay, tarry, absolute Judges 5:28 ("" לָבוֺא בּשֵׁשׁ‎) Isaiah 46:13 and my salvation תְאַחֵר לֹאHabakkuk 2:3; Psalm 40:18 = Psalm 70:6; Daniel 9:19; with ל‎ & infinitive Genesis 34:19. — Proverbs 23:30 עַלהַֿיָּיִ֑ן מְאַחֲרִיםthose tarrying over the wine, Isaiah 5:11 בַנֶּשֶׁף מְאַחֲרֵי‎, Psalm 127:2 שֶׁבֶת מְאַחֲרֵי‎ ("" קוּם מַשְׁכִּימֵי‎).

2 causative of Qal, cause one to delay, hinder Genesis 24:56; keep back (= bring late) Exodus 22:28; with ל‎ & infinitive delay to . . . Deuteronomy 23:22 quoted Ecclesiastes 5:3: elliptical Deuteronomy 7:10 he delayeth (it, the recompense) not to his enemy. — 2 Samuel 20:5 Qr וַיּ֫וֺחֶר‎ is taken by Ol§ 241 c as Qal (compare וַתֹּ֫חֶז20:9 from אָחַז‎), by Sta§ 498 c1. 397 Ges§ 682Rem as Hiph`il (literally shewed, exhibited delay): on the Kt (?וַיֵּיחַר‎) see DrSm.