Word Summary
Yehoyakin: "the LORD appoints", a king of Judah
Original Word: יְהוֹיָכִין
Transliteration: Yehoyakin
Phonetic Spelling: (yeh-ho-yaw-keen')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: "the LORD appoints", a king of Judah
Meaning: Jehoiachin -- "the LORD appoints", a king of Judah
Strong's Concordance

From Yhovah and kuwn; Jehovah will establish; Jehojakin, a Jewish king -- Jehoiachin. Compare Yowyakiyn.

see HEBREW Yhovah

see HEBREW kuwn

see HEBREW Yowyakiyn


H3078. Yehoyakin

יוֺיָכִין יְהוֺיָכִן, יְהוֺיָכִין,

proper name, masculine (׳יapointeth) last king but one of Judah, son of Jehoiakim (ᵐ5Ἰωακειμ; in Kings, ᵐ5L Ἰωακειν; ᵐ5‎ in Jeremiah (usually) & Chronicles Ἰεχονίας); יְהוֺיָכִין2 Kings 24:6, 8, 12, 15; 25:27 (twice in verse); 2 Chronicles 36:8-9, Jeremiah 52:31 = יְהוֺיָכִן52:31; = יוֺיָכִיןEzekiel 1:2; = יְכוֺנְיָהJeremiah 27:20; = יְכָנְיָה28:4; 29:2; 1 Chronicles 3:16-17, Esther 2:6; = יְכָנְיָהוּJeremiah 24:1 = כָּנְיָהוּ22:24, 28; 37:1.