Word Summary
Yibleam: a city of Manasseh
Original Word: יִבְלְעָם
Transliteration: Yibleam
Phonetic Spelling: (yib-leh-awm')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a city of Manasseh
Meaning: Ibleam -- a city of Manasseh
Strong's Concordance

From bala' and am; devouring people; Jibleam, a place in Palestine -- Ibleam.

see HEBREW bala'

see HEBREW am


H2991. Yibleam

יִבְלְעָםproper name, of a location a city of Manasseh in West-Jordan land Joshua 17:11 (J E; but ׳יִב‎ here dubious, see BuRS 13 f.), Judges 1:27; 2 Kings 9:27; so read also 15:10 for קָבָלעָֿם ᵑ0‎ (ᵐ5L ἐν Ιεβλααμ; see Klo); = בִּלְעָם1 Chronicles 6:55, q. v.; read יִבְלְעָם‎ also in Joshua 21:25 ("" 1 Chronicles 6:55), for ᵐ5 רִמּוֺן, גַּתּ ᵑ0Ιεβαθα (ᵐ5L after ᵑ0Γεθρεμμων, see Di; it lay about 13 miles east of north from Samaria, three-fifths of the way to Jezreel; modern ruin Bel`ame BdPal 228, compare SchultzZMG iii. 49; (Old Egyptian Y-b-ra-±a-mu WMM195).

יַבֶּלֶת‎ see יַבָּל

יבם‎ (apparently √ of following; meaning dubious).