Word Summary
tephach: a span, handbreadth, coping
Original Word: טֵפַח
Transliteration: tephach
Phonetic Spelling: (tay'-fakh)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a span, handbreadth, coping
Meaning: a spread of the hand, a palm-breadth, a corbel
Strong's Concordance
coping, hand-breadth

From taphach; a spread of the hand, i.e. A palm- breadth (not "span" of the fingers); architecturally, a corbel (as a supporting palm) -- coping, hand-breadth.

see HEBREW taphach


H2947. tephach

טֶ֫פַחnoun [masculine]

1 a span, hand-breadth;

2 coping (?); —

1 a span, hand-breadth, טֶ֫פַח1 Kings 7:26 2 Chronicles 4:5 of thickness of the molten sea; plural טְפָחוֺתPsalm 39:6 (a few) hand-breadths are my days.

2 architectural term, perh. coping, עַדהַֿטְּפָחוֺת וּמִמַּסַּד1 Kings 7:9.