Word Summary
teem: taste, judgment, command
Original Word: טְעֵם
Transliteration: teem
Phonetic Spelling: (teh-ame')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: taste, judgment, command
Meaning: flavor, judgment, account
Strong's Concordance
chancellor, command, commandment, decree, regard, taste, wisdom

(Aramaic) from t'am, and equivalent to ta'am; properly, flavor; figuratively, judgment (both subjective and objective); hence, account (both subj. And obj.) -- + chancellor, + command, commandment, decree, + regard, taste, wisdom.

see HEBREW t'am

see HEBREW ta'am


H2942. teem

טְעֵם30 noun masculineEzra 4:21 taste, judgement, command (Biblical Hebrew טַ֫עַס‎ (late sense)); — absolute ׳טDaniel 3:10 +, construct ׳ט5:2; Ezra 6:14, טַ֫עַס‎ (of God, mere scribal distinction NöLCB 1896, 305 Str§ 8 c KAramaismen 40) 6:14; 7:23; emphatic טַעְמָא4:21; —

1 Daniel 5:2 in the taste of the wine (while they were enjoying it).

2 judgement, discretion, in reply, וּט עֵטָא ׳הֲתִיבDaniel 2:14 (Proverbs 26:16); in act (person) ט ׳שִׂים עלDaniel 3:12; 6:14 (Proverbs 26:16); in act (person) ט על׳שִׂיםDaniel 3:12; 6:14 shew proper deference to (עַל‎).

3 report (of official), with הלךEzra 5:5, יהבDaniel 6:3.

4 command, of God Ezra 6:14; 7:23, of king 6:14; ט ׳שִׂיסgive command, issue decree Daniel 3:10 3t., Ezra 4:19, 21 (twice in verse) + 11 t.; ט ׳בְּעֵלcommander 4:8-9, 17.

עֵטָאnoun feminine counsel; — absolute Daniel 2:14 (see טְעֵם2).

יצא‎ see שֵׁיצֵא‎.