Word Summary
tuach: to overspread, overlay, coat, besmear
Original Word: טוּחַ
Transliteration: tuach
Phonetic Spelling: (too'-akh)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to overspread, overlay, coat, besmear
Meaning: to overspread, overlay, coat, besmear
Strong's Concordance
daub, overlay, plaster, smut

A primitive root; to smear, especially with lime -- daub, overlay, plaister, smut.


H2902. tuach

[טוּחַ‎] verb over-spread, over-lay, coat, besmear (Late Hebrew id.; compare Arabic re foeda contaminatus fuit, or contaminavit; camel smeared with tar); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular וְטָח‎ consecutive Leviticus 14:42 (on טַחIsaiah 44:18 see טחח‎); 3 plural טָחוּExodus 22:28; טַחְתֶּםEzekiel 13:12, 14 Infinitive construct לָטוּחַ1 Chronicles 29:4; Participle plural טָחִיםEzekiel 13:10 2t.; construct טָחֵי13:11; only P, Ezekiel, Chronicles; — over-spread, coat (with accusative of house) with earth (clay, עָפָר‎) Leviticus 14:42; over-lay (walls with gold and silver) with accusative of wall 1 Chronicles 29:4; metaphor of coating over Jerusalem, under figure of a wall, with a superficial coating, to hide its real weakness Ezekiel 13:15 (accusative of wall), 13:12 with accusative of coating (טִיחַ‎); with תָּפֵל‎ (q. v.) 13:11; c. 2accusative 13:10; 13:14; 13:15; compare להם טָחוּ וּנְבִיאֶיהָ תָּפֵל22:28 where suffix reference to oppressive nobles, i.e. the prophets 'whitewash' for them (their evil deeds).

Niph`al Infinitive construct הִטּוֺחַbe coated (with עפר‎) Leviticus 14:43; and, fully, אתהֿבית הִטֹּחַ14:48 (both P).

[טָחַח‎] verb be besmeared — only

Qal Perfect3masculine singular עֵינֵיהֶם מֵרְאוֺת טַחIsaiah 44:18 their eyes have been besmeared so that they do not see, see Di Du, and on singular with subject plural Ges§ 145, 7a; others regard טַח‎ as metaplastic pointing for טָח‎ from טוח‎, see Sta§ 385d.