Word Summary
taba: to sink, sink down
Original Word: טָבַע
Transliteration: taba
Phonetic Spelling: (taw-bah')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to sink, sink down
Meaning: to sink, sink down
Strong's Concordance
drown, fasten, settle, sink

A primitive root; to sink -- drown, fasten, settle, sink.


H2883. taba

טָבַעverb sink, sink down (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic , טְבַע‎; Phoenician טבעcoin; Assyrian ‰êbû, sink in, ‰abbî°u, diver (water-fowl) etc., see Muss-ArnJBL xi, 1892, 170 DlHWB; Arabic seal, stamp, imprint; Ethiopic dip) —

Qal Perfect טָבַעְתִּיPsalm 69:3; טָֽבְעוּ9:16; Lamentations 2:9; Imperfect וַיִּטְבַּעJeremiah 38:6; וַתִּטְבַּע1 Samuel 17:49; אֶטְבָּ֑עָהPsalm 69:15; — sink, sink down, intransitive, with בְּ‎; 1 Samuel 17:49 (stone into Goliath's forehead); Jeremiah 38:6 (Jeremiah in mire of dungeon); Lamentations 2:9 (gates of Jerusalem into ground); metaphor of distress; Psalm 69:3 מְצוּלָה׳ט בִיוֵן‎; 69:15 ("" מִטִּיט הצילני‎); nations into the pit (בַּשַּׁחַת‎) 9:16.

Pu`al Perfect טֻבְּעוּbe sunk Exodus 15:4 (poem) of Egyptians drowned בְּיַםסֿוּף‎.

Hiph`il Perfect הָטְבְּעוּbe sunk בַּבֹּץin the mire, of feet, metaphor of entanglements and difficulties Jeremiah 38:22; הָטְבָּ֑עוּ‎, of pedestals (אֲדָנִים‎) of the earth, as settled, planted עַלJob 38:6 ("" מִּנָּה ירה‎); absolute of mountains Proverbs 8:25.