Word Summary
chathan: daughter's husband, bridegroom
Original Word: חָתָן
Transliteration: chathan
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-thawn')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: daughter's husband, bridegroom
Meaning: a relative by marriage, a circumcised child
Strong's Concordance
bridegroom, husband, son in law

From chathan; a relative by marriage (especially through the bride); figuratively, a circumcised child (as a species of religious espousal) -- bridegroom, husband, son in law.

see HEBREW chathan


H2860. chathan

חָתָןnoun masculine daughter's husband, bride-groom (as one who undergoes circumcision, see above; Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic חַתְנָא‎, and (also sister's husband, etc.); vulgar Arabic daughter's husband, then more Generally wife's and husband's relations; Sabean (Lihyân) חֿתןdaughter's husband DHMEpigr. Denkm. 87; Assyrian —atanu, daughter's husband COTGloss) — absolute ׳ח1 Samuel 18:18 10t. + Genesis 19:12 (where read ᵐ5 חֲתָנֶיךָ‎ Ol Di); construct חֲתַןExodus 4:23 4t.; suffix חֲתָנוֺJudges 19:5; חֲתָנָיוGenesis 19:14 (twice in verse); —

1 in relation to a father, daughter's husband, or bridegroom Genesis 19:12, 14 (׳ח בְּנֹתָיו לֹקְחֵי‎), 19:14 (all J), Judges 15:6; 19:5; 1 Samuel 18:18; 22:14; Nehemiah 6:18; 13:28; see also אַחְאָב בֵּית חֲתַן2 Kings 8:27 son-in-law of the house of Ahad, said of Ahaziah, whose mother Athaliah was the daughter of Ahab.

2 in relation to the bride, bridegroom ׳ח לִי אַתָּה דָּמִיםExodus 4:25 a bloody bridegroom art thou to me, compare 4:26 (J; on this see WeProl. 1886, 355); "" כַּלָּהJeremiah 7:34; 16:9; 25:10; 33:11; Joel 2:16; in simile of ׳י‎'s work for and delight in his people Isaiah 61:10; 62:5; of sun Psalm 19:6.