Word Summary
chittith: terror
Original Word: חִתִּית
Transliteration: chittith
Phonetic Spelling: (khit-teeth')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: terror
Meaning: terror
Strong's Concordance

From chathath; fear -- terror.

see HEBREW chathath


H2851. chittith

חִתִּיתnoun feminine terror, only Ezekiel; absolute ׳חEzekiel 32:23, but Co reads חִתִּיתָם‎ (with ᵐ5‎ and 32:24; 32:26); construct id. 32:27; suffix חתיתו32:32 Kt (> חִתִּיתִי‎ Qr); חִתִּיתָם32:24 2t.+ 26:17 (read חִתִּיתָהּ‎, with ᵐ5‎ Ew Co, see VB), 32:30 (read חַתִּים‎, see II. חת‎); — terror, caused by powerful cities, nations, kings, etc.: usually with suffix object Genitive 26:17 (of Tyre); elsewhere only Ezekiel 32: Ezekiel 26:27 (ᵑ6 ׳ח, גִּבּוֺרִים‎ Co ׳ח תם גבור‎), Ezekiel 26:30 (חִתִּיתָם‎, but read חַתִּים‎, see above); especially in phrase חַיִּים ח ׳נָתַן בארץcause one's terror (terror of oneself) in the land of the living Ezekiel 26:23; Ezekiel 26:24; Ezekiel 26:25 (strike out ᵐ5‎ Co), Ezekiel 26:26; Ezekiel 26:32. — חִתִּית16:3, 45 see חִתִּי‎ below חֵת‎ above.