Word Summary
chasaph: to strip off, strip, make bare
Original Word: חָשַׂף
Transliteration: chasaph
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-saf')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to strip off, strip, make bare
Meaning: to strip off, to make naked, to drain away, bail up
Strong's Concordance
make bare, clean, discover, draw out, take, uncover

A primitive root; to strip off, i.e. Generally to make naked (for exertion or in disgrace), to drain away or bail up (a liquid) -- make bare, clean, discover, draw out, take, uncover.


H2834. chasaph

חָשַׂףverb strip off, strip, make bare

Qal Perfect חָשַׂףIsaiah 52:10, חֲשָׂפָהּJoel 1:7, חָשַׂפְתִּיJeremiah 13:26; 49:10; Imperfect וַיֶּחֱשׂףPsalm 29:9; Imperative feminine singular חֶשְׂמִּיֿIsaiah 47:2; Infinitive absolute חָשׂףJoel 1:7; construct לַחְשׂףIsaiah 30:14; Haggai 2:16; Passive participle חֲשׂוּפָהEzekiel 4:7, חֲשׂוּפַיIsaiah 20:4 (plural construct ? compare below). —

1 strip off, expose oneself by removing (object שֹׁבֶל‎, flowing skirt, train) Isaiah 47:2 of Babylon, personified as queen ("" שׁוֺק גַּלִּי‎), ׳ח עַלמָּֿנַיִךְ שׁוּלַיִךְJeremiah 13:26.

2 strip, lay bare, figurative of ׳יIsaiah 52:10 object קדשׁו זְרוֺעַ‎; of prophet, Ezekiel 4:7 (but Co strike out see as interpolation); object person Jeremiah 49:10 ("" גִּלֵּיתִי‎); חשׂפהּ חָשׂףJoel 1:7 of locusts stripping fig-tree; שֵׁת חֲשׂוּפַיIsaiah 20:4 (participle either singular collective, with formative ending יַ֯‎, De LagSe i. 19 (compare 69), BN 192; or plural construct, see Ges§ 87, 1 c.); ׳ח יְעָרוֺתPsalm 29:9 of voice of ׳י‎ (i.e. a storm) stripping forests.

3 draw (water) Isaiah 30:14; (wine) Haggai 2:16; properly take from the surface, skim.

חֲשׂוּפַיIsaiah 20:4 see חשׂף‎. above