Word Summary
cheres: earthenware, earthen vessel, sherd, potsherd
Original Word: חֶרֶשׂ
Transliteration: cheres
Phonetic Spelling: (kheh'-res)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: earthenware, earthen vessel, sherd, potsherd
Meaning: earthenware, earthen vessel, sherd, potsherd
Strong's Concordance
earthen, potsherd, stone

A collateral form mediating between cherec and cheresh; a piece of pottery -- earth(-en), (pot-)sherd, + stone.

see HEBREW cherec

see HEBREW cheresh


H2789. cheres

חֶ֫רֶשׂnoun [masculine] earthenware, earthen vessel, sherd, potsherd, P and late (Late Hebrew חֶרֶס‎, Aramaic חֲרַס‎) — absolute ׳חLeviticus 6:21 9t., חָ֑רֶשׂNumbers 5:17 4t.; plural construct חַרְשֵׂיIsaiah 45:9; suffix חֲרָשֶׂיהָEzekiel 23:34. —

1 earthenware: ׳כְּלִיאחearthen vessel Jeremiah 32:14; especially P Leviticus 6:21; 11:33; 14:5, 50; 15:12; Numbers 5:17; without כְּלִיProverbs 26:23; compare ח יוֺצֵר ׳בַּקְבֻּקJeremiah 19:1; ח ׳לְנִבְלֵיLamentations 4:2 they are reckoned as earthen vessels, simile of sons of Zion; אֲדָמָה אֶתחַֿרְשֵׂי חֶרֶשׂIsaiah 45:9 a potsherd (perhaps = earthen vessel, see Proverbs 26:23 above) among earthen potsherds (of men, over against ׳י‎ their potter); simile of dryness Psalm 22:16.

2 a fragment of earthenware, sherd Isaiah 30:14; Ezekiel 23:34; ׳ח לְהִתְגָּרֵדJob 2:8 a sherd to scrape himself; ח ׳חַדּוּדֵי41:22 sharpest potsherds, figurative of sharp scales on belly of crocodile.

חֲרֶשֶׂת‎ see קִירחֲֿרֶשֶׂת‎.