Word Summary
charats: to cut, sharpen, decide
Original Word: חָרַץ
Transliteration: charats
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-rats')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to cut, sharpen, decide
Meaning: to point sharply, to wound, to be alert, to decide
Strong's Concordance
bestir self, decide, decree, determine, maim, move

A primitive root; properly, to point sharply, i.e. (literally) to wound; figuratively, to be alert, to decide -- bestir self, decide, decree, determine, maim, move.


H2782. charats

I. חָרַץverb cut, sharpen, decide (Late Hebrew id., cut in, decide, Aramaic in derivatives; Assyrian —arâƒu, dig, decide, —ariƒu, trench, ZehnpfBAS i. 502; Phoenician חרץdecision, HoffmAGG xxxvi, May 1889, 11) —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳חJoshua 10:21; חָרָ֑צְתָּ1 Kings 20:40; Imperfect יֶחֱרַץֿExodus 11:7; 2masculine singular תֶּחֱרָ֑ץ2 Samuel 5:24; Passive participle חָרוּץIsaiah 10:22; Leviticus 22:22; plural חֲרוּצִיםJob 14:5 (see also חָרוּץ‎ below); —

1 cut, mutilate Leviticus 22:22 (יַבֶּלֶת אוֺ אוֺחָֿרוּץ שָׁבוּר אוֺ עַוֶּרֶת‎).

2 sharpen, figurative the tongue, יֶח לְ׳לֹא לְשֹׁנוֺ כֶּֿלֶבExodus 11:7 (J), i.e. utter no sound against Israel, Joshua 10:21.

3 decide 1 Kings 20:40 (absolute); so participle pass ימיו חרוציםJob 14:5 his days are determined, fixed ("" חדשׁיו מִסְמַּר‎), Isaiah 10:22 ח ׳כִּלָּיוֺן‎; act with decision 2 Samuel 5:24.

Niph`al Participle נֶחֱרָצָהIsaiah 10:23 3t.; נֶחֱרֶצֶתDaniel 9:26 (both these forms infinitive construct according to BaNB 90); decisive וְנֶח ׳כָּלָהIsaiah 10:23; 28:22; Daniel 9:27 a consumption and strict decision (i.e. that which is strictly determined), נ ׳כי נֶעֱשָׂ֑תָה11:36; ׳נח שֹׁמֵמוֺת9:26 strict determining of desolation.