Word Summary
cherec: the sun
Original Word: חֶרֶס
Transliteration: cherec
Phonetic Spelling: (kheh'-res)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: the sun
Meaning: the itch, the sun
Strong's Concordance
itch, sun

Or (with a directive enclitic) charcah (khar'- saw}; from an unused root meaning to scrape; the itch; also (perhaps from the mediating idea of charcuwth) the sun -- itch, sun.

see HEBREW charcuwth


H2775. cherec

I. חֶ֫רֶסnoun masculineJudges 14:18 sun (Late Hebrew id.) — absolute ׳חJob 9:7 ("" כוכבים‎); with ה‎ epenth. הַחַ֫רְסָה יָבֹא בְּטֶרֶםJudges 14:18 (compare לַיְלָה לַיִל,‎) before the sun could go down (but read perhaps הַחַ֫דְרָהinto the (bridal) chamber StaZAW 1884, 253 f f.).

III. [חֶ֫רֶס‎] noun [masculine] an eruptive disease, itch (Aramaic חַרְסָא‎, ; also rough, etc.) — וּבֶחָ֑רֶסDeuteronomy 28:27 ("" עפלים‎ Kt, גָּרָב‎). — I, II. חֶרֶס‎ see below חרס‎.