Word Summary
achor: the hind side, back part
Original Word: אָחוֹר
Transliteration: achor
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-khore')
Part of Speech: substantive
Short Definition: the hind side, back part
Meaning: the hinder part, behind, backward, the West
Strong's Concordance
afterward, back part hereafter, hinder part, time to come, without

Or (shortened) achor {aw-khore'}; from Achiyra'; the hinder part; hence (adverb) behind, backward; also (as facing north) the West -- after(-ward), back (part, -side, -ward), hereafter, (be-)hind(-er part), time to come, without.

see HEBREW Achiyra'


H268. achor

אָחוֺר41 substantive (Arabic ) the hinder side, back part, in the singular, mostly in adverbial phrases: —

a. as accusative, in poetry backwards23t. ( = prose אֲחֹרַנִּית‎) with verbs such as נָפַלfall Genesis 49:17, נָשׂוֺגbe turned 2 Samuel 1:22 ("" רֵיקָם תָּשׁוּב‎), שׁוּבPsalm 9:4; 56:10 +, נָסוֺג35:4; 40:15 + (of enemies repulsed), 44:19; Isaiah 50:5 (from obedience to God), נָזוֺר1:4, הֵשׁיב44:25; Psalm 44:11, הִכָּה78:66; behind (opposed to קֶדֶם‎) 139:5; Job 23:8; in the phrase וְאָחוֺר מָּנִים‎ in front and behind 1 Chronicles 19:10 (altered from ׳מִמָּ ׳וּמֵאָ‎ in 2Samuel see below) 2 Chronicles 13:14; Ezekiel 2:10.

b. בְּאָחוֺרProverbs 29:11, יְשַׁבְּחֶנָּה בְּאָחוֺר וְחָכָם‎ Ges Hi but a wise man stilleth it (רוּחַ‎ anger) backwards (that is, when it would break forth), De in the background, that is, of his heart ("" כְסִיל יוֺצִיא כָּלרֿוּחוֺ‎).

c. לְאָחוֺר‎ (α) as a. Psalm 114:3; 114:5; Jeremiah 7:24; (β) of time, hereafter (compare לְפָנִים‎ = before) Isaiah 41:23; 42:23.

d. מֵאָחוֺרbehind (מן‎ = on the side of) 2 Samuel 10:9 וּמֵ ׳מִמָּנִים‎ in front and behind, Isaiah 9:11 מֵאָ ׳וּפְלִשְׁתִּים‎ and the Philistines behind (= on the West), opposed to מִקֶּדֶם אֲרָם‎. Plur. construct אֲחֹרֵיhinder part (of the tabernacle) Exodus 26:12, (of a man or animal 33:23; 1 Kings 7:25 (= 2 Chronicles 4:4) Ezekiel 8:16.