Word Summary
Chatsor Chadattah: a place in the desert of Judah
Original Word: חָצוֹר חֲדַתָּה
Transliteration: Chatsor Chadattah
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-tsore' khad-at-taw')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a place in the desert of Judah
Meaning: Hazor-hadattah -- a place in the desert of Judah
Strong's Concordance
Hazor, Hadattah as if two places

From Chatsowr and a Aramaizing form of the feminine of chadash (compare chadath); new Chatsor, a place in Palestine -- Hazor, Hadattah (as if two places).

see HEBREW Chatsowr

see HEBREW chadath


H2675. Chatsor

Chadattah חֲדַתָּה חָצוֺרproper name, of a location (si vera lectio perhaps new Haƒôr, with Aramaic ת‎ in adjective) — Joshua 15:25, see חָצוֺר‎; in Negeb of Judah, site unknown.