Word Summary
chom: heat
Original Word: חֹם
Transliteration: chom
Phonetic Spelling: (khome)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: heat
Meaning: heat
Strong's Concordance
heat, to be hot warm

From chamam; heat -- heat, to be hot (warm).

see HEBREW chamam


H2527. chom

חֹםnoun masculineJeremiah 17:8 heat; — חֹם‎ absolute Genesis 8:22 3t. + 1 Samuel 21:7 (see below); construct Genesis 18:1+ 3t.; of heat of (mid-) day היום חֹם18:1 (J), 1 Samuel 11:11; 2 Samuel 4:5; in promise of regular seasons Genesis 8:22 (opposed to קֹר‎); compare Isaiah 18:4 (twice in verse) (׳ח קָצִיר‎); but as dangerous to plant-life Jeremiah 17:8; it melts snow Job 24:19; חֹם לֶחֶם1 Samuel 21:7 bread of heat = hot bread, read perhaps ׳ל חָם‎ (as Joshua 9:12).