Word Summary
cham: husband's father
Original Word: חָם
Transliteration: cham
Phonetic Spelling: (khawm)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: husband's father
Meaning: husband's father
Strong's Concordance
father in law

From the same as chowmah; a father-in-law (as in affinity) -- father in law.

see HEBREW chowmah


H2524. cham

II. חָםhusband's father, see חמה‎.

II. [חָם‎] noun masculine husband's father (Late Hebrew id., of husband's or wife's father, so Aramaic חֲמָא‎; Arabic husband's male relation (father, brother, paternal uncle), but also wife's father, etc.; Ethiopic Assyrian êmû, ZimBP 48); — only suffix חָמִ֫יךָGenesis 38:13, 25, of Judah as Tamar's father-in-law; חָמִיהָ1 Samuel 4:19, 21 of Eli, father-in-law of Phinehas' wife.