Word Summary
chaliphah: a change
Original Word: חלִיפָה
Transliteration: chaliphah
Phonetic Spelling: (khal-ee-faw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a change
Meaning: alternation
Strong's Concordance
change, course

From chalaph; alternation -- change, course.

see HEBREW chalaph


H2487. chaliphah

[חֲלִיפָה‎] noun feminine a change (from idea of replacing, changing, substituting, compare Arabic, Aramaic) — suffix חֲלִיפָתִיJob 14:14; plural absolute חֲלִיפוֺתJudges 14:19 3t.; construct id. 14:13; 2 Kings 5:5; חֲלִפוֺתGenesis 45:22 2t.; חֲלִפֹת45:22; Judges 14:12; —

1 change of raiment ׳ח שׂמלתGenesis 45:22 (twice in verse), elsewhere ׳ח בגדיםJudges 14:12-13, 2 Kings 5:5, 22, 23; so without בגדיםJudges 14:19.

2 relays 1 Kings 5:28; compare ׳ח וצבאJob 10:17 (Di).

3 revival after death, under figure of relief from military service Job 14:14.

4 changing, varying, of course of life לָ֑מוֺ חֲלִיפוֺת אֵין אֲשֶׁרPsalm 55:20 of the wicked, with whom are no changings, i.e. they do evil incessantly, steadily ("" אלהים יָרְאוּ ולא‎) so Kmp Hu De Sch and others; but the expression is peculiar and obscure; Calv vicissitudes; Hengst discharges; text perhaps corrupt.