Word Summary
chek: palate, roof of the mouth, gums
Original Word: חֵךְ
Transliteration: chek
Phonetic Spelling: (khake)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: palate, roof of the mouth, gums
Meaning: palate, roof of the mouth, gums
Strong's Concordance
roof of the mouth, taste

Probably from chanak in the sense of tasting; properly, the palate or inside of the mouth; hence, the mouth itself (as the organ of speech, taste and kissing) -- (roof of the) mouth, taste.

see HEBREW chanak


H2441. chek

חֵךְnoun masculine palate, roof of mouth, gums (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic חִכָּא‎ Arabic palate, roof of mouth, jaws, lower part of mouth, lower jaw of horse, mouth, etc. Lane659 Dozyi. 332); — absolute ׳חJob 12:11; 34:3; suffix חִכִּיProverbs 8:7 6t., חִכְּךָHosea 8:1, חִכֶּ֑ךָEzekiel 3:26; Proverbs 24:13; chiefly in poetry, especially Wisdom Literature: — חִכֵךְ‎ Cant 7:10, חִכּוֺLamentations 4:4 2t., חִכָּהּProverbs 5:3, חִכָּםJob 29:10; — palate, roof of mouth:

a. שֹׁפָר אֶלחִֿכְּךָHosea 8:1 a trumpet to thy palate! (or gums; as in English, to thy lips); often with לָשׁוֺן‎, tongue clings (דבק‎) to חך‎, expression for speechlessness Ezekiel 3:26; Job 29:10, as imprecation Psalm 137:6; for the parching of extreme thirst Lamentations 4:4 (בַּצָּמָא‎), compare Psalm 22:16 כֹּחִי כַּחֶרֶשׂ יָבֵּשׁ ᵑ0‎ read חִכִּי‎ for כחי‎ see Checritical note ("" מַלְקוֺחָ֑י מֻדְבָּק לְשׁוֺנִי‎).

b. as organ of speech Proverbs 5:3; 8:7 (both "" שְׂפָתַיִם‎), Job 31:30; 33:2 בְחִכִּי לְשׁוֺנִי דִּבְּרָה‎ ("" פִי מָּתַחְתִּי‎).

c. as organ of taste Job 12:11; 34:3, לְחִכִּי מָתוֺק מִּרְיוֺSong of Solomon 2:3 his fruit was sweet to my palate, Proverbs 24:13 (implied simile of wisdom as sweet to the soul); figurative of God's words as sweet ׳לְחPsalm 119:103 ("" מִּי‎); of taste as distinguishing misfortunes Job 6:30 ("" לָשׁוֺן‎; > others of speech); of keeping wickedness ח ׳בְּתוֺךְ20:18 ("" לָשׁוֺן תַּחַת‎), i.e. delighting in and prolonging the taste of it.

d. nearly = mouth, as an element in personal sweetness and beauty Song of Solomon 5:16; 7:10.