Word Summary
cheq: bosom
Original Word: חֵיק
Transliteration: cheq
Phonetic Spelling: (khake)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: bosom
Meaning: the bosom
Strong's Concordance
bosom, bottom, lap, midst, within

Or cheq {khake}; and chowq {khoke}; from an unused root, apparently meaning to inclose; the bosom (literally or figuratively) -- bosom, bottom, lap, midst, within.


H2436. cheq

[חוק‎] noun [masculine] bosom, Psalm 74:11 Kt חוקך‎ (but read Qr חֵיקְךָ‎, see following).

חֵק חֵיק,noun [masculine] bosom (Late Hebrew id.) — absolute חֵיקEzekiel 43:17; Proverbs 16:33 + Ezekiel 43:13 (Co חיקו‎, compare ZKW1883, pp. 67ff.; חֵיקֹה‎ DrSm xxxi), חֵקProverbs 21:14; construct חֵיק1 Kings 22:35 3t. + Ezekiel 43:14 (Co חיקו‎) חֵקProverbs 5:20 (omitted by accident in Baer, compare Stron the passage) 17:23 suffix חֵיקִי1 Kings 3:20; Psalm 89:51; חֵקִיJob 19:27 etc.; elsewhere always plene with suffix; חוקף‎ Kt Psalm 74:11 (Qr חֵיקְךָ‎); — bosom, specifically

1 of fold of garment, at breast Exodus 4:6 (twice in verse); 4:7 (3 t. in verse) (all J), Proverbs 6:27; 16:33, metaphor of ׳יPsalm 74:11; בח ׳שֹׁחַדProverbs 21:14 is a hidden reward (concealed in bosom; "" בַּסֵּתֶר מַתָּן‎); טֵחֵק שֹׁחַד17:23 is a gift secretly given; figurative, requite into bosom Isaiah 65:6-7, Psalm 35:13; 79:12; Jeremiah 32:18.

2 carry (נָשָׂא‎) in bosom, Moses the people Numbers 11:12 (JE); Naomi, Ruth's child Ruth 4:16, compare 1 Kings 3:20 (twice in verse); 17:19; ewe lamb 2 Samuel 12:3; Isaiah 40:11 (metaphor); Lamentations 2:12 of infants dying in their mothers' arms; figurative of carrying insults in one's bosom Psalm 89:51 (read probably כְּלִמַּת‎ for כֹּל‎, see Bi Che).

3 bosom as part of body:

a. external, lie in bosom, of wife שׁככתMicah 7:5, compare 2 Samuel 12:8; concubine Genesis 16:5 (J) compare 1 Kings 1:2; חיק(ךׅ אֵשֶׁתDeuteronomy 13:7; 28:54, compare also Proverbs 5:20 נָכְּרִיָה חֵק תְּחַבֵּק‎; חֵיקָהּ אֹישׁDeuteronomy 28:56.

b. internal, anger resteth ׳בה כסיליםEcclesiastes 7:9; בְּחֵקִי כִלְֹיתַי כָּלוּJob 19:27 my reins are consumed within me; 23:12 (read בְּחֵקִי‎ for מֵחֻקִּי‎, so ᵑ9 ᵐ5‎ Ol Me Stu Di) in my breast have I hidden the words of his mouth (compare בְּלִבִּיPsalm 119:11); figurative of interior of chariot 1 Kings 22:35 ׳ח הרכב‎; of hollow bottom of altar Ezekiel 43:13-14, 17 (Sm Rinne; Co Grundeinfassung).