Word Summary
chil: a writhing, anguish
Original Word: חִיל
Transliteration: chil
Phonetic Spelling: (kheel)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a writhing, anguish
Meaning: a writhing, anguish
Strong's Concordance
pain, pang, sorrow

And (feminine) chiylah {khee-law'}; from chuwl; a throe (expectant of childbirth) -- pain, pang, sorrow.

see HEBREW chuwl


H2427. chil

חִילnoun masculineExodus 15:14 a writhing, anguish; — ׳ח‎ absolute 15:14 5t. —

1 writhing (contortions of fear) Exodus 15:14 ("" verb רָגַז‎).

2 anguish, always in simile כַּיּוֺלֵדָהPsalm 48:7 (allied kings against Jerusalem); Zion, before Assyrians Micah 4:9; before Scythians or Chaldeans Jeremiah 6:24 ("" צָרָה‎), = 50:43 (of king of Babylon; "" צָרָה‎); 22:23 ("" חבלים‎ q. v.)

חִילָהnoun feminine anguish, Job 6:10.