Word Summary
chel: rampart, fortress
Original Word: חֵיל
Transliteration: chel
Phonetic Spelling: (khale)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: rampart, fortress
Meaning: an army, an intrenchment
Strong's Concordance
army, bulwark, host, poor, rampart, trench, wall

Or (shortened) chel {khale}; a collateral form of chayil; an army; also (by analogy,) an intrenchment -- army, bulwark, host, + poor, rampart, trench, wall.

see HEBREW chayil


H2426. chel

חֵיל חֵל,noun masculineObadiah 20 rampart, fortress (perhaps originally surrounding wall, compare SabDenkm91n. 2) — absolute חֵילNahum 3:8, חֵלLamentations 2:8 3t.;(+ Psalm 10:10 Qr see חלכה‎); construct חֵל1 Kings 21:23; suffix חֵילֵךְPsalm 122:7, חֵילָהּZechariah 9:4; חֵילָה‎ = חֵילָהּPsalm 48:14, Ol§ 40 approximately 75g. 96 e Sta§ 347 c; —

1 rampart (defined by Jews as חוֺמָה בֶּן‎, i.e. a little wall, compare Ki under the word), of an outer fortification 2 Samuel 20:15 (others, by metonymy, of space between outer and inner fortification, including moat, see Dr Kit); Isaiah 26:1; Lamentations 2:8 (both "" חוֺמוֺת‎); in General of defences, or sea-power of Tyre חֵילָהּ בַיָּם וְהִכָּהZechariah 9:4 (see StaZAW i.1881, 15), of No-Amon (Thebes) חוֺמָתָהּ מִיָּם יָם חֵיל אֲשֶׁרNahum 3:8; of Zion Psalm 122:7, also 48:14 (חילה‎ = חֵילָהּ‎, compare above; both "" ארמנותיך‎). — For חֵל1 Kings 21:23 read probably חֵלֶק‎, q. v.

2 fortress הַזֶּה הַחֵל גָּלֻת‎ Obadiah 20 the exiles of this fortress (Hi-St; Or, AV RV this army, חֵל‎ = חַיִל‎).