Word Summary
chet: a sin
Original Word: חֵטְא
Transliteration: chet
Phonetic Spelling: (khate)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a sin
Meaning: a crime, its penalty
Strong's Concordance
fault, grievously, offence, punishment of sin

From chata'; a crime or its penalty -- fault, X grievously, offence, (punishment of) sin.

see HEBREW chata'


H2399. chet

חֵטְאnoun masculineDeuteronomy 15:9 sin (on formation see Lag BN 142) — ׳חLeviticus 19:17 15t.; suffix חָטְאוֺ24:15 5t., חֲטָאָו֯Lamentations 3:39, חֶטְאָםLeviticus 20:20; plural חֲטָאִיםEcclesiastes 10:4; construct חֲטָאֵי2 Kings 10:29; Ezekiel 23:49; suffix חֲטָאַיGenesis 41:9, חֲטָאָ֑יIsaiah 38:17; Psalm 51:11, חֲטָאֵינוּDaniel 9:16; Psalm 103:10, חֲטָאֵיכֶםIsaiah 1:18; —

1 sin:

a. against man Genesis 41:9 (E) Ecclesiastes 10:4.

b. elsewhere ag. God, absolute Isaiah 31:7; Hosea 12:9; ׳ח חָטָאLamentations 1:8 compare Deuteronomy 19:15; 2 Kings 10:29; ׳ח מות משׁפטsin worthy of death Deuteronomy 21:22 = ׳ח מות22:26; with בְּ‎, because of, Daniel 9:16; God is entreated: hide thy face from my sins Psalm 51:11; and it is said in faith, thou wilt cast behind thy back all my sins Isaiah 38:17.

2 guilt of sin: ב חטא היהsin (the guilt of sin) come on one Deuteronomy 15:9; 21:22; 23:22; 23:23; 24:15; מת בחטאוin his sin (guilt) die Numbers 27:3 (P); בחטאו אישׁeach for his own sin Deuteronomy 24:16 = 2 Kings 14:16 2 Chronicles 25:4; אמי יחמתני בחטאPsalm 51:7 in sin (condition of sin and guilt) my mother conceived me; כשׁנים חטאיכם אםIsaiah 1:18 though your sins be like scarlet (in guilt); לנו עשׂה כחטאינו לאPsalm 103:10 not according to our sins (their guilt) hath he done to us.

3 punishment for sin: ח ׳נשׂאbear sin (its punishment) Leviticus 20:20; 24:15 (H), Numbers 9:13; 18:22 (P); with עַל‎, bear sin because of Leviticus 19:17; 22:9 (H) Numbers 18:32 (P); bear sins of idols (in worshipping idols) Ezekiel 23:49; the ideal servant of Yahweh bore the sins of many Isaiah 53:12; without נשׂא‎, only Lamentations 3:39 חטאו על גבר‎ (wherefore doth) a man (complain) for the punishment of his sin ?

[חֲטָי‎] noun [masculine] sin (see Biblical Hebrew חטא‎); — suffix חֲטָיָךָDaniel 4:24 (Qr חֲטָאָךָ‎ K§ 57 a) β)), < plural (for חַטְיָיךָ‎) Hi Bev Kmp Behrm, compare "" עַוַיָתָ‎.