Word Summary
chotham: a seal, signet ring
Original Word: חוֹתָם
Transliteration: chotham
Phonetic Spelling: (kho-thawm')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a seal, signet ring
Meaning: a seal, signet ring
Strong's Concordance
seal, signet

Or chotham {kho-thawm'}; from chatham; a signature-ring -- seal, signet.

see HEBREW chatham


H2368. chotham

I. חוֺתָם חֹתָם,noun masculineJob 41:7 seal, signet-ring (Aramaic ; Ethiopic — see LagBN 116) — absolute חֹתָםExodus 28:11 2t.; חוֺתָםJeremiah 22:24 8t.; suffix חֹתָֽמְךָGenesis 38:18, חֹתָמוֺ1 Kings 21:8; — on supposed construct חוֺתַם‎ see foregoing; — seal, signet-ring, hung by a cord (מָּתִיל‎) about the neck Genesis 38:18 (J; = חֹתֶמֶת38:25), or (later ?) worn on (finger of) right hand Jeremiah 22:24, (BenzArchäol. 106); the two customs apparently combined Song of Solomon 8:6 (עַלזְֿרוֺעֶךָ עַללִֿבֶֹּךָ,‎); used to attest a royal missive 1 Kings 21:8 (instrumental of verb חתם‎); a precious article Haggai 2:23 (simile of Zerubbabel); ח ׳מִּתּוּחֵיengravings of a seal, as model for cutting names and inscription on precious stones and gold plate Exodus 28:11, 21, 26; 39:6, 14, 30 (all P; see Benz258ff.); ח ׳חֹמֶרJob 38:14 = clay of (under) a signet; ׳ח צָ֑ר41:7 a close signet, i.e. one that is closely pressed down, simile of closely joined (סָגוּר‎) scales of crocodile.